Easy-Open Aluminium Can

Project Description

V-Can is an easy-open aluminium can. It’s designed specifically for professionals of restaurant and cafe kitchens where the speed is vital. The contents of the can be poured while all the liquid was drained with a single splitting action.

While the 210ml (160gr tuna) standard internal volume is maintained, the width-length-height ratio is set for easy breaking.





Packaging Design Competition – 2015


Contrary to common usage, V-Can opens from its bottom side. The weakened opening track that is located on the top shell on ordinary cans, extends along the middle line. It helps you to break V-Can like a cracker.

V-Can consists of two aluminium parts including cover and bottom case. These parts can easily be produced from 0.1mm sheet aluminium by drawing and assembled by double-seamed detail which is used on soda cans for decades.



The 210ml can is resized in 160x60xh31mm to make breaking possible. It is easy to produce, transport, handle and use. All the other surfaces are rigid and hard to bend but the tearing line.


Canned foods are in a protective liquid like oil or brine which is undesirable on the plate. Draining this liquid is hard and messy when using regular cans. V-Can opens in two-phase and allows users to drain that liquid.


After draining, bend V-Can and all the content will spill. No struggle, no mess, no dirty hands…


When you finish with the V-Can, bend it more and fold it like a paper. It is easy to smash.