Multifunctional Modular Egg Pack

Project Description

EGGO is an egg package which aims to ease storage, shipping and usage. Existing egg packages are mostly made of recycled paper or PET plastic. There is a thought that the paper packs are more environment-friendly but the lifetime of them is terribly short.
But EGGO, not only extends the lifetime of pack, but also aims to improve the storage and shipping conditions; without an extra production cost…





Packaging Design Competition – 2015

EGGO keeps serving as an eggcup after brings your eggs to your home securely. It helps to decrease the number of dishes and protects the environment.

EGGO makes possible to buy as many eggs as you wish without unpack them with the help of its modular and cell-based structure. Thus, you won’t need to cover the soft-boiled eggs with napkins for your childs lunch bag.


EGGO is sturdy. With the help of its dome shaped cells and cornered surface design, it will protect even the most fragile eggs.

Locking detail of EGGO also helps to prevent unwanted leaks.

EGGO contains a little trash bin as a feature. You can put the eggshells and other leftovers in this while you are eating your soft-boiled egg.

When you finish your meal, close and snap the EGGO cell to make it watertight. We call it ‘The Clean Breakfast’


EGGO packs are compatible with each other. This design feature keeps packages stable during the shipping and storing process. It prevents the cost of waste, which is highly vital for the egg industry.